The sisters of mercy this corrosion download itunes

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Help Privacy Policy Terms of Use.Of all the bands who can lay claim to being the Godfathers - or Godmothers — Of Goth, the Sisters have more of shout than most. They emerged from the shadows of Leeds at the very end of the 70s and spent the next decade helping shape the sound and look of the goth scene — through famously contrary mainman Andrew Eldritch has subsequently washed his hands of the whole thing.

But their upcoming 16th album Obsidian brings those influences front and centre — close your eyes at certain points and you could be in legendary sticky-floored Leeds club Adam And Eves in the 80s. No one. Take it away, Greg…. It was the collaboration of these people with Eldritch that made it special.

To a lot of people today it probably sounds ludicrous, but it came along at the right time. The Sisters ride that line between pomposity and cool, and they mostly manage to stay the right side of it. For me, it was all about the bass line. And also the original version had all these effects on it which I hadn't really heard before — reverse reverbs and things like that.

It made it sound kind of otherworldly and spacey - it was like this cross between new wave and Hawkwind. I'm going to have to pick the version over the original [released in ], because [Israeli vocalist] Ofra Haza was so amazing on it. The bass was so important in goth in the 80s, and that's why I've brought it back on two or three tracks on this new Paradise Lost record. It was all about the bass and drums - they were what drove the track.

The guitars were just the sprinkle on top for texture and atmosphere - sometimes you couldn't even discern what they were playing. Lucretia is pretty much all bass and drums. It's one of the fastest Sisters songs, I love the double-time snare on it — it sounded almost like a New Model Army song to my ear at the time.

We toured with the Sisters in orand he actually upped his game on that tour. Not that he'd ever admit it. It was Vision Thing that made me realise how clever it was, because it's got all these references to political things and societal things. It's very clever word play.

The sisters of mercy this corrosion download itunes

I was delving a lot more into the metal stuff by then, and this really hit me as a fantastic goth-metal crossover. It's got the kind of crescendos you get in Wagner, mixed the kind of goth music that's just the right side of ludicrous, all with this stadium rock production.

It's a blend you'd think would be absolutely ridiculous, but it made you go on the dancefloor even if you weren't a dancer.

The Sisters of Mercy

The only reason Marian only wasn't number one on this list is because it's not quite been constantly stuck in my head for the last 30 years. It's not pop at all - it's the other, really goth side of the Sisters.

I actually think they could have done it more on later records. It's a goth dance song, but it's the absolute simplicity of it that works. It's the same notes all the way through, pretty much. It's almost a three-note song, and to pull that off is incredible.

It takes me back to those clubs, like Adam And Eve's, sitting there in the gloom and the smoke, in your corner of the club with your tribe, looking across at the goths, who were looking across at the metallers, smelling that patchouli and the sticky floor. Alice would come on and you'd want to get up and have a dance, but you'd be clipped around the ear-hole by a slightly older punk if you did.

I would say it's the number one goth song full-stop. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Take it away, Greg… See more Metal Hammer features.Gimme the ring, kissed and toll'd Gimme something that I missed Gimme the ring A hand to hold, wild and what it seems Gimme the ring Kill the king, when love is the law And the we'll turn round Gimme the ring Gimme dream child and do you hear me call?

Gimme the ring On the loan and on the level, still on the floor Gimme the ring Sing dream child and do you hear at all? Sing Sing Hey now, hey now now, sing this corrosion to me Hey now, hey now now, sing this corrosion to me Hey now, hey now now, sing this corrosion to me Hey now, hey now now Sing Sing Hey now, hey now now, sing this corrosion to me Hey now, hey now now, sing this corrosion to me Hey now, hey now now, sing this corrosion to me Hey now, hey now now Hey Hey hey Hey Hey hey Hey Hey hey Hey Hey hey Hey hey hey hey hey now now now now Hey hey hey hey hey now now now now Hey hey hey hey hey now now now now Gimme siren, child and do you hear me?

Gimme siren, child and do you hear me call? Sing child of right and wrong Gimme things that don't last long Gimme siren, child and do you hear me call? Sing Sing Hey now, hey now now, sing this corrosion to me Hey now, hey now now, sing this corrosion to me Hey now, hey now now, sing this corrosion to me Hey now, hey now now On days like this In times like these I feel an animal deep inside Heel to haunch on bended knees Living on if and if I tried Somebody send me please Dream wars and a ticket to seem Giving out and in Selling the don't belong Well, what do you say D'you have a word for giving away?

Got a song for me? Open in. Temple Of Love Sisters Of Mercy. The Sisters Of Mercy. This Corrosion. Lucretia My Reflection. Never Land A Fragment. Marian Version. Vision Thing. Walk Away. Never Land Full Length. Black Planet. Gimme Shelter. Under The Gun. No Time To Cry. First And Last And Always. Doctor Jeep. Detonation Boulevard.

Driven Like The Snow. Show More Show Less. New Model Army. Policy Of Truth. Terry Hoax. The Night Flight Orchestra. Trash City. Transvision Vamp. The Faith Healer. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Word Up.The title was last played by the radio station. To download the track you can use our shop links to Amazon and iTunes. All track information and the album cover are provided by iTunes.

The Sisters of Mercy - Under the Gun. Biography of The Sisters of Mercy. Originating from Leeds, the Sisters of Mercy were described by critic Steve Huey as playing "a slow, gloomy, ponderous hybrid of metal and psychedelia, often incorporating dance beats.

The band originally formed in with guitarist Gary Marx and drummer-turned-vocalist Eldritch. Doktor Avalanche, the drum machine, joined them on their second single Alice. Guitarist Ben Gunn and bassist Craig Adams were added to make live gigs feasible, and the Sisters built a reputation through several singles and EPs.

Gunn left the band in and was replaced by Wayne Hussey.

The sisters of mercy this corrosion download itunes

This featured a re-recording of Body Electric, Train, and Afterhours. This was followed by Walk Away towards the end of the year. Early releases of this single came with the 7" flexi Long Train amphetamix. During rehearsals for the next album, Craig Adams walked out and was followed by Wayne Hussey. The two of them formed a band and started gigging under the name The Sisterhood.

For the full story on this go here. Eldritch retired to Hamburg in Germany and started working on the new album. He enlisted the help of former Gun Club bassist Patricia Morrison although it is still unclear to how much she contributed musically to the project. This Corrosion originally written to be part of The Sisterhood projectwas released as a single in The single was backed with Torch apparently the song that caused Craig Adams to walk out and Colours re-recorded from The Sisterhood album.

This was followed by the album Floodland. The CD version of the album contained Torch and Colours as extra tracks. Dominion was released as a single after this and the video was filmed in the ancient Jordanian city of Petra. The B-sides were Sandstorm and Untitled. Emma, a live favourite, appeared on the 12" release and Ozymandias, a mixup of Dominion being played backwards was released on the CD and the Limited Edition 12" boxset.

The final single Lucretia was released in and the video recorded in India. A video for was shot at the same time. The B-side to Lucretia was Long Train which had originally been released as a limited edition flexi 7" with the Walk Away single. InMorrison was dropped from the band and Eldritch started working with young Hamburg musician Andreas Bruhn.

Between them, they wrote Vision Thing.Welcome to popular music site IsraBox! On IsraBox you can listen music for review is also you can download music albums.

The sisters of mercy this corrosion download itunes

We present new, exclusive music and the hot hits for information. Have fun and enjoy the use of our website. IsraBox - Music is Life! WebSite : Album Preview. Walk Away Poison Door Body And Soul Body Electric Train Sisters Of Mercy - Black Planet Sisters Of Mercy - Walk Away Sisters Of Mercy - Marian Version Sisters Of Mercy - Possession Sisters Of Mercy - Amphetamine Logic Sisters Of Mercy - Body and Soul Sisters Of Mercy - Body Electric Sisters Of Mercy - Train Sisters Of Mercy - Afterhours Sisters Of Mercy - Poison Door Sisters Of Mercy - On the Wire Sisters Of Mercy - Blood Money The Sisters of Mercy - Flood I The Sisters of Mercy - The Sisters of Mercy - This Corrosion The Sisters of Mercy - Torch The Sisters of Mercy - Colours The Sisters of Mercy - Dominion 12" Edit The Sisters of Mercy - Untitled The Sisters of Mercy - Sandstorm Mehr Bilder.

We have detected English as your language preference. To change your preferred language, please choose a language using the dropdown. Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript, um von allen Inhalten unserer Seite zu profitieren. Master-Release bearbeiten. Goth Rock. The second Sisters of Mercy album, released November The songs were written by Eldritch alone, and Morrison is not credited on the sleeve artwork, except in the 'thank you' list under her real name, [Patricia] Anne Rainone.

Morrison's musical contribution has been disputed, but she was vital to the band's image during this period. The album differs in its vinyl and CD versions. On the vinyl version, 'This Corrosion' fades out atand 'Driven Like The Snow' is a different mix, lasting On cassette, 'Torch' alone is added, at the end of side one. According to Eldritch, these were 'supposed to be removed after the first pressing', and 'don't belong to the album'.

Land Jahr.

The sisters of mercy this corrosion download itunes

Februar Melden. And I listened to the Yugoslav edition in the early s. I'm very familiar with the sound of this album's original release. This release is incredibly good. The color of the audio, the details that I had not heard before and I have good audio devices Everything is elevated to the highest possible level.

Antworten Mich bei Antworten benachrichtigen 1 Helpful. September Melden. Less shrill than the original release with a more pronounced bass which highlights Patricia Morrison's contribution more. August Melden. Antworten Mich bei Antworten benachrichtigen Helpful. April Melden. Softer, clearer, better in almost every way.

Antworten Mich bei Antworten benachrichtigen 4 Helpful. There is nothing to be missed here, a must for every collector. DBMTB 2.

The Sisters Of Mercy - This Corrosion Download

Everything sounds very different to how I remember it. A lot softer, clearer and more intimate. Antworten Mich bei Antworten benachrichtigen 8 Helpful. PawelP Juni Melden.More than 60 sisters serving in eight countries. Administrative center in Silver Spring, Maryland. Nearly sisters serving in twenty states and two countries. Administrative center in Merion, Pennsylvania. More than sisters serving in two states and the Philippines.

Sisters of Mercy - When You Don't See Me

Administrative center in Buffalo, New York. More than sisters serving in 18 states and Jamaica. Administrative center in Belmont, North Carolina. Roughly sisters serving in 16 states and one country. Administrative center in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Sisters of Mercy - Under the Gun

Mercy Earth Challenge: Commit to a year of change! We challenge you to MakeMercyReal. In the coming year, find a way every day to share compassion and mercy.

Do you have a prayer intention? What can we pray for? Are you called to serve God and others as a Sister of Mercy? Inspired by the life of Jesus and by our founder Catherine McAuley, the Sisters of Mercy envision a just world for people who are poor, sick and uneducated. The Sisters of Mercy are women of faith who commit our lives to God and our resources to serve, advocate and pray for those in need around the world.

I have carved your name on the palm of my hand. Donate Close. Donate Select the community to which you would like to donate:. Mid-Atlantic Nearly sisters serving in twenty states and two countries. South Central More than sisters serving in 18 states and Jamaica.

West Midwest Roughly sisters serving in 16 states and one country. Responding to a call to serve the needy of our time. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram. Today We Pray. Advocate for Social Justice Learn More.

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